Mattathias Schwarz hat mit einem Ghostwriter gesprochen, der für Risikokapitalgeber Tweets verfasst (und damit eine sechsstellige Summe verdient).

„VCs will often choose to engage in those third-rail topics. For example, how many hours should you work? That’s a classic. If a VC feels they’re not getting enough attention, they can just tweet, “You have to work 80 hours a week to be successful.” Everyone will come out to tell you that you’re canceled. It taps into money, privilege, class, ability to sacrifice. People have a lot of emotions about those subjects.

So taking risks can lead to greater attentional rewards, but the precise level of risk I’ll take depends on the client. Some clients don’t care. They’re shock jocks. They’ll tweet anything. Others are more careful. It’s a question of what brand they’re trying to build.“

Wie stupide unsere Aufmersamkeitsökonomie ist, wie stumpf die Strartegien der Akteure dort.