Jessica Lessin ($) über die Mitverantwortung der Investoren am FTX-Debakel:

„This seems like an important time to remind everyone that FTX had no board of directors and no audit committee. No board of directors! How do you give a company that much money with literally zero assurances that there is any corporate governance? I ask for more disclosures from companies I angel-invest in. And this comes after Theranos, after WeWork. Remember when Benchmark sent someone to take over WeWork when it wasn’t working? Where was that guy when we needed him?“

Und auch dies hier, aus dem ultimativen Post Mortem bei Milky Eggs, harrt der Antworten:

„FTX is missing about $8 billion dollars‘ worth of users‘ collateral. Even if you consider the sum total of venture investments made by FTX and Alameda together, as well as a marginal drop in collateral value as a result of an FTT price decline, it simply does not make sense for FTX to be $8b in debt. The losses would be significant, yes, but they alone do not constitute a sufficient explanation for FTX’s bankruptcy.“