Lost Notes: John Lennon and Darby Crash

Am 7. Dezember 1980 injiziert sich der 22-jährige Darby Crash eine Überdosis Heroin, um sich zu töten. Der Sänger der bekannten LA-Punkband „The Germs“ stirbt, seinen Körper in der Form eines Kreuzes ausgestreckt.

„His death would have made him a legend, someone who those he left behind would prop up to a wider and larger world who didn’t know him. The single full-length Germs album would be a holy grail of music history“,

erzählt Hanif Abdurraqib im KCRW-Podcast „Lost Notes“. Doch wenige Stunden nachdem Darby Crashs Tod am 8. Dezember 1980 bekannt wird, erschüttert ein Tod auf der anderen Seite der USA nicht nur die Musikwelt, sondern die Welt selbst: Der Mord an John Lennon.

Hanif Abdurraqib gehört zu den talentiertesten jungen Autoren der USA. 40 Jahre danach verwebt er die Geschichten von Darby Crash und John Lennon in einem Podcast.

„An artist who made his mark by living out of control, aimed to seek complete control of his death and the narrative that surrounded it. There were those who hoped he’d be even more mythical in death than he was in life. But in less than 24 hours, the news of Darby Crash was consumed. The Germs’ influence remains. The people who saw them, and ran home to start bands. The musicians who learned to be fearless, or reckless – for better or worse. But Darby Crash himself never became a household name, despite how well planned his search for infamy was.

Forty years later, one might look back and think he vanished into thin air.“