„We’ve reached the stage of American history where everything we see on the news must first be understood as political theater. In other words, the messaging layer of news now almost always dominates the factual narrative, with the latter often reported so unreliably as to be meaningless anyway. Yesterday’s sensational tale of the FBI raiding the Mar-a-Lago home of former president Donald Trump is no different.“

Matt Taibbi

Revenge of the Money Launderers

Matt Taibbi über den FinCen-Skandal im Kontext früherer Geldwäsche-Strafzahlungen. Lehrreich und unterhaltsam, was bei komplexer Finanzskandal-Berichterstattung eher selten ist. Taibbi beschreibt auch noch einmal den wichtigen Unterschied zwischen Regulierung/Compliance auf dem Papier und Regulierung/Compliance in der praktischen Umsetzung:

„Every time compliance officers discover derogatory information that leads to an account being closed, it’s a direct hit to a bank’s revenues. On the other hand, to keep regulators off their backs, banks have to be seen to be doing all they can to sniff out illegalities. Therefore there’s an incentive for banks to cycle through creative ways of looking like they’re engaging in compliance, without actually doing so.

A bank might create sizable AML departments, but pad them with inexperienced, entry-level employees incapable of spotting problems (see here for the HSBC example I wrote about years ago). A firm may hire a top-of-the-line department head, but not give him or her real resources. Required hiring boxes may be checked, but the company may non-report or under-report problems. Companies may even generate huge numbers of suspicious activity reports while leaving key data like names or addresses missing.“

The Trump Era Sucks and Needs to Be Over by Matt TaibbiMatt Taibbi ([object Object])
The race is tightening. Is America sure it's ready to give up its addiction to crazy?

The question, “What is Trump thinking?” is the wrong one. He’s not thinking, he’s selling. What’s he selling? Whatever pops into his head. The beauty of politics from his point of view, compared to every other damn thing he’s sold in his life — steaks, ties, pillows, college degrees, chandeliers, hotels, condominiums, wine, eyeglasses, deodorant, perfume (SUCCESS by Trump!), mattresses, etc. — is that there’s no product. The pitch is the product, and you can give different pitches to different people and they all buy.

Es gibt zu wenige Trump-Stücke, die sich zu lesen lohnen- weil oft der Blick auf den Wald von lauter Bäumen versperrt ist. Matt Taibbis Stück empfehle ich. Denn er kommt zurück auf den Kern: Es geht um das Verkaufen von Aufmerksamkeit. Und wir alle sind Abnehmer.